Remote Maintenance for PCs

We’ve all been there. Somewhere in the company a computer isn’t doing what it should. We have the solution: Remote maintenance with Secure Advisor. With it, your support staff can remote control any PC from wherever they are working and solve the issue immediately! Your employees can carry on working again quickly, and support saves itself long walks in the company offices.

How do you remote maintain other PCs?

With the help of a remote desktop connection you can access any PC from our workstation. Not only do you see the monitor of the desired computer, you can even remote control the PC with your keyboard and mouse. Once your opposite has accepted your access request, both computer are connected with each other. You can start solving the problem right away. With special authorisation, you can open and edit documents, for example, you can even install software. Overcoming problems has never been so easy!

What are the benefits of remote maintaining PCs?

  • Direct and transparent view of the problem
  • Remote access saves valuable time
  • Significant cut in costs
  • No installation needed

For which scenarios can you remote maintain PCs?

Remote accessing PCs isn’t just useful for a company’s PC support. Your customer service also profits from remote support. Long explanations and misunderstandings by e-mail and telephone are definitely a thing of the past now. All it takes is a click for a user to let you remote access their PC. A few seconds later you can work on solving the problem together, as if you were seated next to each other. The user of the remote controlled PC will feel like their PC is being operated by a magic, invisible hand. Surprise your customers with immediate support, and with  a personal touch that leaves them feeling good about your work!

How secure is remote maintenance?

Remote maintenance of a PC is via one of the safest codes available, 256-bit AES encryption. Sensitive data that is transmitted via remote access is reliably safeguarded. See for yourself today what the benefits of remote access for PCs are – what are you waiting for?