Customer Portal

Perfect customization options – down to the smallest detail

Welcome to the portal, where you can configure your FastViewer solutions anytime:

  • Create several profiles, for example, one for each department or product
  • Select from the various functions that should be available in your software, e.g. video, video conferencing or chat
  • Edit security settings and features to suit your requirements
  • Change the appearance of your software, by adding logos on the start screen, sidebar and dialogue windows
  • Edit texts for session invitations or messages
  • Manage licenses and e-mail addresses
  • Download the current version of our solution
  • Download the current version of the manual, documentation, etc.
  • Info service for new e-mail updates or RSS feed

For cloud customers:

  • Central connection log
  • Summary of all installed remote clients
  • Overview of all open sessions

You don’t need to be an IT expert to create your own software – doing it is as easy as selecting the right modules from a toolbox. All it takes is a few clicks!