Secure, available and reviewable

Secure connections

Servers in high-security computing centres

Your online meetings are securely hosted. Our communications servers are located around the world in high-security computing centres. It is your decision via which server you would like to communicate – world-wide, european or exclusivly german server.

Certified data privacy

The data privacy and functionality of our solutions has been certified by various testing bodies.

High-level data security – 256-bit AES encryption

With 256-bit AES encryption FastViewer work with one of the best forms of encryption available. Encryption is »end-to-end«; your data is always secure in all transmission and relay stations.

User administration

You can comfortably maintain license users in FastViewer Instant Meeting, or you can easily import users from the Active Directory. User administration also provides detailed functionality for assigning roles and groups, so you can assign individual rights and privileges.

Control functions

You decide what your opposite sees – application selection

You can approve and block applications with the click of a mouse. You can easily control what your opposites see on their monitors and can prevent them from seeing your e-mail software or taskbar, for example.

Control access with blacklists and whitelists

With the blacklist and whitelist function you can prevent unauthorised attempts at accessing sensitive data. The blacklist function lets you block specific applications or approve individual applications for transmission – so you can safeguard secrets quickly and easily.

Control rights for all participants

You can assign remote control rights to all participants of a web meeting. And with a click, you can easily recall these rights anytime!

Ideal documentation – recording function

You can record your sessions and play them back – without the need for an extra player. You can review the screen contents of your presentations, trainings or meetings anytime you need!