Designed for professionals

FastViewer Secure Advisor is a universally applicable administration tool: Ideal for live support in the IT area, for customer hotlines or as a remote control solution. With FastViewer Secure Advisor you offer your customers help precisely when they need it! You can always access the application from any computer – so you are also available on the go! By the way, with only one license, you can access an unlimited number of computers.

Support functions

Support without obstacles

FastViewer Secure Advisor allows you to access even with active Windows user account control. If necessary, you can change system settings or perform software installations during the session.

Screen sharing for remote maintenance and support

In live support, your opposite first has to release their PC to grant you access. When maintaining unattended PCs, you can directly access the server or PC.

Work as usual – key shortcuts transferred

Do you like working with shortcuts? FastViewer Secure Advisor makes life easy for you. Standard shortcuts, like »CTRL+C« and »CTRL+V« are transferred directly.

Rebooting remote clients

You have installed new software on a remote client and need to restart the device? No problem, because with FastViewer Secure Advisor you can even remotely start PCs that are out of your reach.

Fix problems calmly

You can work undisturbed with the »Lock Remote Screen« function. On the screen of your customer is just a hint to see that the device is currently being maintained. In the preview window, you control what your opposite sees.

Support for PCs with multiple screens

With FastViewer Secure Advisor, you have the choice of which monitor to see when your opposite is working with multiple screens.

Transfer data

Synchronous file transfer makes it easy to exchange documents using drag & drop – even larger files and images.

Manage and synchronise folders

With the file manager you have full access to the file system and can synchronize entire folder structures.

Change viewing direction – show your own screen

Show your opposite what you mean. By making your own monitor visible on your customer’s monitor, you can solve problems even faster. Support has never been so easy!

User management

Choose which participants can actively participate in the meeting. Appoint moderators or viewers, switch between different screens or release control rights.


You decide: telephone, VoIP, chat or video

What kind of communication do you prefer? In remote support, you can choose between telephone, VoIP, integrated chat and video.


Tamper-proof recordings

Record your sessions and play them back – without the need for an additional player. Your sessions can be reviewed at any time.

Your support protocols

Do you want to document your support services? Use the log file. At the beginning or end of each session you can record the time, task, or problems. The log file can also be exported to Excel as a CSV file. For billing and reports, you have quick access to your notes.