A wide range of scenarios

Online collaboration: virtual teamwork

Make collaboration more direct and closer than ever before with Instant Meeting; we will bring you together with your business partners online. With our solutions, you will experience a new era of professional dialogue. Work together in virtual conference rooms on documents, discuss events and share your results. Thanks to telephone, chat, video or VoIP, the personal contact need not suffer. Instant Meeting isn’t just an alternative to the classic conference, it is the future of professional communication.

Use Instant Meeting for:

  • Team meetings – with video chat functionality for up to 25 people
  • Project groups
  • Webinars
  • Preparing joint events
  • Coordinating product launches and budgets, and much more

Online courses: exciting training for employees, partners or customers

You don’t just want to hold a course, you also place great importance on presentations that convey the contents perfectly – with all the unique features at your disposal? With Instant Meeting, surprise your partners, employees or customers by offering lively interactive training without long-winded travel and the costs that go with it.

Online meetings and web conferences: ad-hoc and without having to travel

Take advantage of the new possibilities for customer communication by presenting directly and simply from your workstation. When you present your new product in a web conference, up to 100 participants sit in the front row at the same time.

Live support for your own company or hotline

No matter whether it’s for your IT support or helpdesk, solve problems more efficiently and faster than ever before. Regardless of firewalls, proxy settings, or Windows restrictions, Instant Meeting gives you the direct view of your opposite’s monitor. Your customers will be fascinated by your excellent problem solving skills – the same way the Instant Meeting all-round internet communications solution will inspire you!