Secure, available and reviewable

Secure connections

Servers in high-security data centers

Your remote maintenance sessions are securely hosted. Our communication servers are located around the world in high-security data centers. It is your decision via which server you would like to communicate – world-wide, European or exclusivly German server.

Highest demands on transmission security – Double 256-bit AES encryption

Our remote control connections use 256-bit AES encryption – one of the best forms of encryption available. Encryption is »end-to-end«, your data is always secure across all transmission and relay stations.

Rights management

User administration

In the FastViewer Secure Advisor user administration panel you decide who has access to the master module (moderator). You can create new users manually or import exisiting users from your Active Directory user groups.

Remote user administration

Our remote maintenance software allows you to allocate individual and person-specific access rights to individual computers. The assignment via groups and roles enables you to easily map even complex contents. User management has never been easier!

Control functions

Control access with blacklists and whitelists

You can use the blacklist and the whitelist to prevent unwanted access to sensitive data. The blacklist can be used to block specific applications. With the whitelist you limit the usage to certain applications. Secure sensitive data and internals quickly and easily against unwanted access.

SMS authentication

With the 2-way SMS authentication, access to the computer management of the remote function can be additionally protected.

Control rights

No worries, the other person will have full control of the remote desktop: He gives you the remote control rights for remote access and can also withdraw them at any time – with just one click of a button!

Ideal documentation – tamper-proof recordings

You can record your remote access and play it back – without the need for an extra player. So your remote controls are traceable at any time!