Independently-operated infrastructure offers flexibility and security

Benefits of a proprietary server solution
Factors such as economic growth, increases in sales, and overseas expansion are not only visible evidence of a successful business model for a company, but also the engine for improving the internal company infrastructure of an enterprise. In order to be capably handle the content of the new and changing circumstances in the IT sector, while also meeting own quality standards in the future, intelligent solutions such as the remote maintenance solution from FastViewer GmbH, for example, are required. This desktop-sharing solution provides control over any number of external as well as internal employee screens, wherein the interconnected modules function independently of the provider’s servers. The new IT environment is also specially tailored to business needs and offers the highest level of data security.

Protection of corporate data
The decision for the desktop sharing software of FastViewer GmbH was made at Jack Wolfskin as a result of intensive research work and various trial runs. The main prerequisites were that the software solution needed to support any number of desktops both internally and externally, to allow direct switching between screens and to provide movement options for applications on the clients.
Furthermore, the program had to be deployable on the company’s own server solution, since this would not only provide better protection of the enterprise data against unauthorized access, but also ensure independence from the communication servers of the provider.

Favorable price-performance ratio
The qualitative requirements for the future controlling software were clearly formulated in advance and, ultimately, in a direct comparison, the FastViewer solution proved to be the most convincing, since no additional staffing was required for the internationally usable screen control. Access is enabled directly from the central IT Service at any time – and the resulting economic benefits are clearly evident. Because ever since Jack Wolfskin can control the software from external locations, on-site visits in the company have been reduced by almost 50 percent.
Moreover, due to the remote control function, it is now no longer necessary to send in employee laptops, since direct screen access has also been enabled to remote locations – which has resulted in significant time and cost savings.

Intuitive operation
Due to the positive test results, the desktop sharing solution has been integrated directly into all IT areas of the company; there are currently 430 desktops in internal divisions being managed by 27 employees.
The response to the FastViewer solution has been consistently positive, so it is now also being used in other corporate divisions of Jack Wolfskin. Moreover, due to the self-explanatory operation of FastViewer, no further introductory training is required. For those who nonetheless encounter any problems or difficulties in dealing with the software solution, FastViewer GmbH offers its clients fast and uncomplicated technical support and assistance.

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