The perfect allround solution!

All functions of FastViewer Instant Meeting - for online meetings, webinars and presentations - and the FastViewer Secure Advisor - for remote maintenance and ad hoc support of manned or unmanned devices - united in one single solution .


FastViewer Instant Meeting

Whether you are in an online meeting, interactive web conference, or online training – Instant Meeting is the perfect solution for any kind of online collaboration.


FastViewer Secure Advisor

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could see, take control of and remotely transfer files to your clients computer instead of discussing the issue over the phone? Secure Advisor is the answer!


Security & Server Solutions

The security of your data is a priority to FastViewer. Thanks to the 256 bit AES encryption and our servers being located in highly secure data centers, we can offer you an extremely secure solution and peace of mind.


Real-time Communication

Time is money – A phrase you have certainly heard before. We are going one step further, by saying that saving time with the Fastviewer solution, will not only save you a lot of money but will dramatically improve your work life balance.

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Environmental protection and data security with FastViewer

Converting to electric cars for the service team or renounce taking a plane, train or car for the next meeting? With FastViewer, your contribution to climate and environmental protection is easier than you suspect. Conduct your next meeting comfortably and environmentally friendly from the office or from home. Your customer service can also be easily

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