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With FastViewer you’re always there for your customer, even when you aren’t actually there.

Secure Advisor: effective without too much effort

Features at a glance

Update – all it takes is a click

Click on the update button to get all remote clients up to speed. Without the need for individual installations.

International – automatic language settings

Do you support customers abroad? No worries, because Secure Advisor automatically changes the operating system language. The software supports German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Greek and Russian.


The portmapper gives you lots of options for helping customers faster. For example, this function lets you reroute any number of ports to the master host. So you can query an SQL database on the host computer from a local computer using the FastViewer tunnel. You can easily save all of the portmapper settings as a template, to make things quicker next time.

Get in the picture – with loss-free transmission

Secure Advisor lets you set the picture quality yourself – from low resolutions to loss-free full colour mode with 16 million colours, everything is possible. Support is possible, even with a bad internet connection.

Your enterprise edition – customize functions, behaviour and appearance

Do you want to customize FastViewer solutions to match your company’s corporate design? Integrate your own logo in the application; it only takes a few mouse clicks! The functions that you want to use during a session can be set individually. Our staff will be glad to consult you personally on the customization options.

Simple connections

At the start of a session our remote support software automatically connects with the right FastViewer communications server. The connection is established via port 5000 (TCP), port 443 (HTTPS) or port 80 (HTTP). Our solution also detects proxy servers.


Do you want to manage very large system environments? With Secure Advisor can you easily manage thousands of clients. The FastProxy acts as an interface in a network and combines status information for all clients. They are sent on only one line to the server, which ensures a lower burden on network and saves on traffic bandwidth. The system of our remote control software manages itself completely independently!


Your own in-house server solution – optional

Due to the flexibility of FastViewer, the communications server can also be operated as an in-house solution. This has the following benefits:

  • The solution can be operated »in-house«, meaning you can run the solution regardless of third parties and third-party systems.
  • A further advantage of the individual server solution is that your own IT’s increased security demands can be implemented without much effort!
  • With your own server solution, you also have detailed log views on FastViewer usage at your disposal.

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