Maschinenfabrik Hermle AG

Maschinenfabrik Hermle AG
Mr. Quarleiter

The challenge:
The Berthold Hermle AG machine factory was looking for a way to maintain the machines it delivers as simply and securely as possible. Several approaches were developed and discussed. The best variant for Hermle turned out be a remote desktop-sharing tool.

The requirements:
For Hermle, it was important that connections are secure against third-party access.¬†Only one solution with a server came into consideration.¬†That approach would ensure that nobody who is not authenticated in the Hermle in-house network can gain access to a machine at the customer.¬†In addition a seamless, manipulation-proof recording was required, to show customers what measures Hermle employees had taken during the session on the user’s machine.¬†Sessions can only be initiated by the customer (by entering a unique session number) and stopped again at any time.¬†Since different operating systems are used on our machines we need to be able to start the client module on an industrial PC (IPC) “remotely” with various parameters, since the operator cannot display the Windows GUI of the IPC.

The solution:
If customers have the remote maintenance option, a remote maintenance session can be started when technical problems arise, with the machine operator forwarding the session number on the telephone. The customer can enter and confirm the session number in an input field on their machine using a keyboard. Regardless of the operating system, the session number on the machine can be transferred to the IPC from where the FastViewer client module can be started. The Hermle service staff now has access to the IPC with the software installed to access the machine control system. The complete meeting is recorded at Hermle and Рif required Рon the customer IPC. The recording is stored so that it cannot be manipulated. Customers can receive support for technical problems, or existing errors can be contained and examined to first determine the need for support and, second, to better prepare for on-site servicing, should it be necessary.

The remote maintenance solution with Fastviewer is in increasingly frequent use and has proven highly successful. Benefits for the customer include fast response times, precisely scheduled servicing or the option of solving technical problems without servicing. Hermle therefore also benefits from this solution and even the own service staff can be helped with a remote maintenance session if they are at a customer and require assistance from the expert team Рpossible any time with FastViewer and without complicated installation. Hermle machines are used around the world, a fact that increases the benefit of the new solution.