AKDB, Anstalt für Kommunale Datenverarbeitung

AKDB, Anstalt für Kommunale Datenverarbeitung
Mr. Wolf

One look at the monitor is enough: remote maintenance made easy
Whether it is assistance with software problems, transparent representation of complicated operational processes or data exchanges, with the new Telesupport software by AKDB, screen contents are transmitted to the AKDB customer service rep in a matter of a few clicks. This saves time and money. Following a comprehensive selection process and intensive tests, AKDB decided in October 2009 to use products by FastViewer for its telesupport services. They allow AKDB to use internet-based and installation-free software for quick and safe customer support. Other useful features such as file transfers and video recording are all part of the package.

Security was especially important in the selection process of the new remote maintenance software. In collaboration with FastViewer, additional security features were integrated into the program to optimize security even more. Connections between AKDB and customers are via a communication server located in a shielded, secure computing centre operated by AKDB. The data connection is secured with 256-bit AES encryption (Rjindael algorithm). No messages can be intercepted, neither on the communication server nor at another point of the connection.
A remote maintenance session requires the agreement and screen approval of the meeting partners. It is possible to only allow access to specific applications or to end the session immediately. The operations are logged in a tamper-proof video recording at the customer site and can be played back at any time. In addition to other protective measures at AKDB, access to the remote maintenance software is password protected. Only authorized employees have access. The FastViewer product has been certified several times and received several awards.FastViewer is the world’s first desktop-sharing software to receive the TÜV Süd mark for software functionality and data security. AKDB also assigned TÜV Süd to test FastViewer operations in the AKDB environment for data security and functionality. This was confirmed with a certificate.

Data privacy
AKDB issued its data privacy approval for the new remote maintenance in compliance with §26 of the Bavarian data protection act. This saves customers the need for extensive approval procedures when using the software. With the new certified remote maintenance software, AKDB can now offer its customers a modern, efficient product with a very high security standard and at a very reasonable price for its support services.

Source: AKDB Report (Ausgabe Juli 2010)