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mobilkom austria AG
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mobilkom austria, the country’s leading mobile network provider sets new standards in desktop sharing with FastViewer
On the 26th of May 2009, A1 over IP was expanded to include “desktop sharing” with the FastViewer by A1. This new function enables virtual cooperation between several users. In three simple steps, the computer screen can be shared in real time with up to 100 participants – simply and easily.

Dr. Reinhard Zuba, marketing division manager at mobilkom austria, explains the benefits of the new solution: “Desktop sharing is already used in many larger companies. FastViewer by A1 now offers private customers and smaller companies the opportunity to edit a document with other people simultaneously and over any amount of distance.” He adds: “Anyone who has ever attempted to edit a document in parallel during a telephone conference will know how tricky this can be.”

A glance at the computer screen is worth a thousand words
FastViewer by A1 is the ideal solution for individual users, students and all employees in companies who work together with business partners, colleagues or friends from various locations. FastViewer by A1 offers complex benefits – both in the workplace and in private everyday life. Whether it’s a question of judging presentations, holding training seminars or surfing websites in groups. Businesses of all sizes save on travel costs and also help to save the planet.

With tutorials over the phone, employees until now had to click through the presentation on their own computer. With Fastviewer by A1, the person leading the tutorial can now grant access to their computer screen, allowing them to guide all participants through the presentation. Thanks to FastViewer by A1, students working on a joint project can go through the current status every time and plan the next steps. Private customers can solve their IT problems in seconds, by granting their computer expert friends direct access to their computer screen.

Simple and secure users
Since the 26th of May 2009, customers have had access to Fastviewer by A1 within the framework of A1 over IP. No special registration or specially installed software is required to use desktop sharing via FastViewer by A1. Three steps are all it takes to grant others access to your computer screen: the customer has to start the A1 communicator and send an e-mail invitation containing the session number to the desired participants. The participants click on the link and enter the session code. The computer screen is now accessible by the participant. In the so-called “master module”, the host can see from the participant list who is connected with their computer screen. When the last participant leaves the session, it is automatically closed down. FastViewer by A1 is TÜV certified and guarantees that the customer’s computer screen is only visible to those they have granted access to. The solution was also developed to function behind firewalls. A1 over IP customers can also invite people who are not A1 over IP users. The solution works on every PC (Windows operating system from 2000 onwards)

Flexible and transparent pricing
For FastViewer at A1, costs are only incurred if the customer also actually uses the solution – if at least two participants are connected via FastViewer. Billing is handled comfortably in A1 invoices. The inviting participant pays 6 euros per day (from midnight to midnight). With A1 over IP Classic or A1 over IP for Broadband, 15 minutes of FastViewer by A1 could be tested for free every day until the 31st of December 2009. For A1 contract customers with A1 over IP FREE, the first five minutes per day are free. All other A1 over IP customers can use FastViewer by A1 free of charge every day for five minutes.

“Cooperation with a strong partner such as mobilkom austria opens up new distribution channels for us” explains Christian Wolf, CEO of FastViewer, the company responsible for integration of the service. “mobilkom austria’s broad customer base – with all the related benefits – was crucial for us. And at the end, it is the customer who benefits from an innovative service”, adds Wolf.

About mobilkom austria
With 4.5 million customers and a market share of 42.5%, mobilkom austria is Austria’s leading mobile operator. Founded in 1996, the company provides comprehensive mobile solutions, from voice and data services to mobile business and payment solutions, with its product brands A1, bob and Red Bull MOBILE. mobilkom austria is part of the Telekom Austria Group and employs more than 2,300 people in Austria.

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