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Remote Maintenance of 5-Dimensional Construction Models with FastViewer

Good remote maintenance system a requirement for proper 5D support – RIB Software AG

A remote maintenance solution that can do more

In 2007, the Stuttgart-based technology enterprise RIB decided to implement new software for remote maintenance for its construction software solutions. The reason: In the past, the tools RIB had been using constantly caused connection problems during remote maintenance sessions with customers.

Helmut Walz – team leader hotline and support at RIB Deutschland GmbH:

For us, it was important that we find a solution that combines a flexible licensing model with good technical connection, competent support and TÜV SÜD certification and AES cryptography and is also cost-effective. We comprehensively evaluated various manufacturers’ and in the end decided to go with the FastViewer solution that can do even more than that.

17,500 sessions with FastViewer – and rising

RIB Software AG is an multinational high-tech enterprise, which offers complex 5D software solutions for the construction industry. 5D means the customers create their building projects on the basis of three-dimensional building models merged with time (4D) and cost management systems (5D). The RIB Software solution iTWO is a worldwide unique 5D software system, which completely integrates Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes with technical project cost management.

Listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the customer base includes all entities involved in construction, from one-man engineering offices or architect offices to the world’s largest construction companies. More than 50 of the company’s employees use the remote maintenance solution by FastViewer – from support to software installations for customers, sales presentations, and Web conferencing right up to online training. Since implementation in 2007, RIB has almost doubled the number of sessions that use FastViewer. Last year, altogether 17,500 calls were held with the support of the remote maintenance solution. Tendency further rising.

Technically perfect – on desktops, servers and iPhones

“The flexible ‘Floating Licences’ are a great benefit“, explains Helmut Walz. “We now use the solution in all versions: Supported, Presented, Conferred and Remoted. Whether it’s classical hotline calls or remote implementations, the solution always convinces with technically perfect connections. Whenever we have questions, we quickly get competent answers from the manufacturer’s team of specialists.“

In addition, the company also rates the fact that FastViewer is always adapted in a timely manner to new operating systems and versions and that it offers efficient solutions for the increasingly widely distributed world of mobile applications, for smartphones or tablets. Since August of 2010 RIB has been using its own server solution for all editions. This lets the company process sessions independently of the FastViewer servers.

As an international technology company, the RIB group benefits from automated language adaptation in line with the customer’s operating system. Besides Germany, Austria and Switzerland, FastViewer is increasingly being used by RIB abroad in English-speaking countries. „A great advantage for us, as we are growing stronger and stronger internationally“, Walz reports. “Our helpdesk and support staff and our IT consultants now all work around the world with one single solution.“

Remote maintenance in five dimensions

With the possibility of looking directly at the customer’s computer, solutions can be identified quickly and efficiently. The company stresses that the innovative high-tech BIM-5D iTWO solution by RIB requires a very good remote maintenance system to provide ideal support for users at all times. For support in 5D project management, the file transfer functions between customers and RIB also provide invaluable support.

“My teams can also record and reproduce errors on the customer side with the help of FastViewer, to find the best solution quickly“, Helmut Walz sums up.

The remote maintenance solution FastViewer has not only contributed to significant cuts in support times at RIB, it also lets the company offer a greater service portfolio IT consultant. Helmut Waz: “Today, we only need to do approximately 50% of all software implementations at the customer site. 50% are done remotely with the FastViewer solution. A time advantage for us with simultaneous cost savings on the customer side.“