Online Collaboration at its best

Are you looking for a way of connecting all of your employees quickly, anytime? FastViewer can do that and more. An online meeting can run within seconds, without any great effort and wherever you are. Your support also benefits from our solutions, because with the ability to remote access PCs, problems can be solved more quickly and more efficiently – a solution for the whole company!

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The right solution for targeted teamwork

Wouldn’t it be a dream if you could increase your employees’ productivity and at the same time reduce the stress factor? You’re spot on with FastViewer. Discover how you can make teamwork and collaboration with employees and customers more efficient and flexible than ever before – with innovative web collaboration solutions by FastViewer!

Benefits at a glance

Time is money – save costs

  • Business trips no longer necessary in many cases
  • Cost-effective replacement for expensive video conference systems
  • Low-cost licenses thanks to the concurrent user license which lets you use any number of workstations with any number of users

Greater productivity with less time expenditure

Management and team meetings can be held anywhere – wherever on the world the participants happen to be.

Increased customer retention and satisfaction

Surprise your customers with online support that can respond to problems immediately!


With the connection log, you can enter and invoice fees by the second.

Employee satisfaction

  • Less travel for sales means more time for core business, but most of all more time for family and friends
  • Better work-life balance for your employees
  • Less overtime for IT support

Highest quality and 100% security

  • Our solutions are OPDV and Fiducia certified
  • Thanks to 256-bit AES encryption – one of the securest available!
  • You can also operate the solution with internal systems

Your configuration options

In our customer portal you decide what your product looks like, which functions it should come with and wht it should look like – all based on a toolbox system. Adapt your personal solutions to the requirements of your company’s industrial council. If no video option is permitted, for example, simply remove this function by removing a tick in a radiobox!


You can protocol sessions and save your results and also trace individual work steps afterwards.

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