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E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG
Mr. Schick

Worldwide remote maintenance of precision measuring instruments by ZOLLER

To contain errors quickly and efficiently on its remote systems (Windows-based industrial computers with touch panel interfaces to control the system), ZOLLER was on the lookout for a simple remote maintenance solution, which would work around the world and ensure simple access to the computer interface.

The solution:

A small service is installed on the client, with direct access via the WWW. The special feature is that the service is integrated in the existing user interface is and only starts when necessary.FastViewer GmbH & Co. KG ensured this with an individual adjustment of the remote client. No hardware adjustments were required. The license model is specially adapted to the possibilities present at ZOLLER. They could request the required licenses directly from their ERP system from an agreed quota.

Today, thanks to FastViewer, ZOLLER can access more than 800 devices remotely.


No training was necessary, due to the intuitive usability. The later implementation was closely based on the customer specifications.

Benefits for the customer:

The customer now has a maintenance tool that puts them in a position to establish a remote desktop session at any time and to anywhere in the world. Errors in the software environment can be contained without costly, lengthy journeys.

With customers all around the world, the savings potential is huge. With this innovative solution, ZOLLER presents itself as a future-oriented company with a will for perfection.