Communicate without obstacles


Automatic updates and settings

Whenever you download the moderator module, you always receive the current version of the software – and your participants’ modules are always set to automatically match the current version of the software. Language settings are also easy. When you send an invitation to a French colleague, they automatically receive the French version when they start the meeting. Our applications automatically match the operating system language and support German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Brazilian, Portugese and Turkish.

No cached files – no data refuse

Your online conference is temporary. It therefore leaves no cached files behind on your computer or on those of the participants.

Your enterprise edition – customize functions, behaviour and appearance

Do you want to customize FastViewer Instant Meeting solutions to match your company’s corporate design? No problem. Integrate your own logo in the application; it only takes a few mouse clicks! The functions that you want to use during a session can be set individually. Our staff will be glad to consult you personally on the various customization options.


The portmapper lets you forward defined ports into the participant’s network. The result of the call is sent back to the calling computer. Thanks to the broad spectrum this functionality offers, you can access all network devices, machine controls or even Linux computers.

Simple Connections

When you start a session, FastViewer Instant Meeting automatically connects to the right FastViewer communications server. The connection is established via port 5000 (TCP), port 443 (HTTPS) or port 80 (HTTP). Our solution also recognises and supports any proxy servers in the network.

Your in-house server solution – optional

Secure and control your company’s entire communications technology with your own server! A FastViewer server solution opens up unforeseen opportunities – customized to your requirements. The server can be configured to your needs and can be seamlessly integrated in your infrastructure. FastViewer also ensures compliance with your security standards when collaborating online – the software runs on the intranet or in the DMZ.