Online support

We think customer support that only uses telephone is not only complicated, but obsolete. You too. Upgrade your customer services with a new dimension: online support!

How exactly does online support work?

Until recently, support staff had to help out with complex issues on the telephone. This nerve-racking procedure would frequently lead to misunderstandings; it would take several telephone calls to resolve the issue fully. And that isn’t even mentioning the time expense. However, these scenarios are now a thing of the past. With our online support solution, you remote access another PC quickly. You can see what your opposite used to have to explain in long-winded and complicated explanations. Remote support connects your PC with your customer’s; once they accept, you can start the remote maintenance within a matter of seconds. With the help of the viewing direction change function, you can show your monitor if you need.

Clear benefits of remote support

Do you and your opposite have a PC or an Apple Macintosh and an internet connection? Very good, you don’t need any more to start benefiting from our remote support software:

  • Huge time and cost savings
  • Customer queries can be processed immediately and »live«
  • Option to provide parallel support for several customers
  • No installation needed

What you can offer with online support

Our solutions make your support a customer favourite! All it takes is one call. Once the participant lets you remote access their PC you can start resolving the issue. While you remote access their PC, your customer can sit back and relax. Show inexperienced users of your product, for example, how to solve the problem properly or solve it yourself. With extra approval, you can even install software on the remote computer or edit documents. One thing is clear: your customers will love your new online support!

How secure is remote support?

We guarantee that remote access with our solution is completely secure. Thanks to 256-bit AES encryption, all connections are made using one of the most secure encryption techniques available. Your data, and that of your opposite, are reliably protected from third-party access. Secure Advisor is secure and comfortable – let us show you how this new form of online support can help you!