Plenty of scenarios

Ad-hoc support

Surprise customers with online support that can not be beat! With our collaboration solutions, you can access other PCs from any computer and react immediately if needed. Uncomplicated, fast and without any extra expense or effort to your customers!

Customer Hotlines

Reduce your support and response times in the help desk or on the customer hotline. By changing the direction of view, you can clearly explain complicated applications to your counterpart live on your own screen. Or present new products in detail – with FastViewer Secure Advisor you also have a new acquisition tool at your disposal!

Remote Control and Remote Desktop Access

Prevent problems before they arise! With FastViewer Secure Advisor you can regularly remotely monitor your customers’ PCs – even if they are unattended. You can work in peace and quiet when others are on their way to work or have left the workplace.

Mobile support

Our FastViewer applications give you maximum freedom with minimal time expenditure. Provide support from wherever you are – your license is not assigned to a specific workplace. You can also download the remote control software anytime from your customer portal. And, if you have a large customer base, FastViewer Secure Advisor lets you support all of your customers – there is no limit to the number of PCs to be supported!

Work behind firewalls and regardless of Windows user account control

FastViewer Secure Advisor lets you access PCs that have the remote client installed or where your opposite uses the FastClient – regardless of firewalls or proxy settings.

Your bonus – presentations and training

With FastViewer Secure Advisor you not only opt for a comfortable and intuitive support application and administration tool. Our remote support solution also gives you the opportunity to conduct presentations or trainings online with up to two participants.