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Integration of FastViewer at Schleupen AG makes remote maintenance more comprehensible for customers

Solutions provided by Schleupen AG are tailored to the special IT requirements of energy and water management, to risk management for companies and their IT infrastructure and to ECM distribution. As a provider of software and systems integrator, Schleupen AG provides complete solutions. They employ intelligent networking of individual IT components to achieve integrated IT systems.

The system Schleupen AG used to use was put to the test with regards to remote maintenance of customer systems. Due to the increasingly high demands made by Schleupen AG of its remote maintenance system, the company tested the “Remoted” tool by technology leaders FastViewer. A series of extensive tests were conducted to test the “Remoted” product’s ability to meet the needs of Schleupen AG, with “Remoted” successfully beating off the competition.

In the course of a project, special functions – functions catered specifically to Schleupen AG – were designed and implemented. By switching to FastViewer, Schleupen AG benefited from the “Competitive Upgrade” program. Here, FastViewer offers its customers a kind of investment protection and exchanges pre-existing licences from competitors with its own.

By changingto FastViewer, Schleupen AG is able to offer its customers an additional service. Schleupen AG customers can now benefit from secure communication with their service provider thanks to the FastViewer tool. Here, the complete data transfer takes place securely via Schleupen AG’s server.

According to Manfred Meinzer, general manager and division manager of the IT infrastructure division at Schleupen AG: “The FastViewer system provides us with a lot of flexibility, meaning that we can extend the system itself, as well as the chosen products from FastViewer. Not only that, but we are also able to constantly adapt these to our needs.”

Here, Meinzer is alluding to the possibility of WebCollaboration, which FastViewer offers with its “Confered” product. The ways the implementation of WebCollaboration could save money and time were evaluated during various meetings. In the future, FastViewer products will not only  be implemented for support, but also for product training, polling and presentation.

About Schleupen

Founded in 1970, Schleupen AG and its 430 employees generated a turnover of over 55 million euros in 2010. The largest business area, “Utilities”, boasts business from more than 300 companies in the area of energy and water management. In the energy management segment, Schleupen is one of the few software providers with an integrated complete solution at its disposal: from accounting to market communication, energy logistics to financial management, right through to ERP in the main operation. More than 15,500 users work with this solution. With R2C risk to chance, Schleupen also offers a risk management system that is nowadays used by medium-sized businesses as well as businesses listed on the stock exchange and internationally active groups of companies. In the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market segment, Schleupen has established itself as one of the most important distributors of DMS solutions from EASY. The fourth pillar of Schleupen AG is IT infrastructure, where they cover the spectrum from “High Performance Computing” to highly available IT architectures right through to communication solutions for decentralised organisations.