Spraying Systems GmbH

Spraying Systems GmbH
Mr. Redepenning

IT support all over Europe – efficient remote maintenance with desktop sharing
Quick and competent support for IT problems is more than just friendly service. Inside companies, in particular, it is a must to ensure everyday business runs as smoothly as possible for staff.Today, remote maintenance is a normal procedure since its saves time and costs, and not just for companies with several locations. Software for Desktop sharing need not only be user friendly and reliable, it also has to guarantee security for file transfers. A leading provider of nozzles and spray systems has long relied on the FastViewer solution Supported and has managed to optimize its own support performance considerably.

Spraying Systems Germany GmbH, based in Hamburg, is a subsidiary of Spraying Systems Co. from Illinois, USA, that has been selling spray technology products for nearly 75 years. The global group today has more than 12 manufacturing facilities in North and South America, Europe and Asia. The extensive product range offers the correct nozzle or nozzle system for all forms of use; fields of application are, for example, in the automotive industry, steel manufacturing and in the electronics or even the food industry. The Spraying Systems portfolio also includes custom production of lances, nozzles and automated spray systems. Spraying Systems Germany has two production facilities, one in Schorndorf (near Stuttgart) and one in Witten (near Dortmund). In the German headquarters in Hamburg, IT support is housed next to management and provides maintenance services and support for all locations in Europe. To optimize this, Spraying Systems three years ago decided to introduce a new tool for desktop sharing.

Transparency and security

“We used to work with Windows Remotedesktop‚Äú, explains J√∂rg Redepenning, IT director at Spraying Systems. “But users could see what the support staff were doing on their PCs. Overall, everything just took up too much time.” In the search for alternatives, the Supported solution by FastViewer came out on top against other solutions. “The comfort of the solution was crucial for us, and the cost-effectiveness of FastViewer was also quite impressive,” says Mr. Redepenning.¬†“Another important point for us was the security; on the one hand as far as availability is concerned, and on the other hand, when it comes to data privacy.”¬†And FastViewer is T√úV certified in these areas. Spraying Systems started with a single license, adding a second one a year ago.¬†After a short introduction phase, the application ran smoothly, and the intuitive usability of the tool led to a high acceptance level, both among support staff and users.

The service does not (!) have to be installed on any PCs, but can be launched quite simply from one .exe file.¬†To ensure proper security, the user requiring assistance only needs to enter the session number specified by the support employee.¬†The HelpDesk employee can immediately access the remote computer, across firewalls too, and without the annoyance of having to enter IP addresses or other administrative obstacles.¬†The Supported solution is multiscreen compliant and also offers further features like changes in viewing direction, the option of locking the remote screen and a chat function for support without telephones.¬†“We quickly detected huge time savings‚Äú, explains Mr. Redepenning.¬†“Our support worked well before, but because users had to explain what the problem was, it would always take extremely long.¬†I also think – psychologically speaking – good for users if they can see what is happening on their screen.”

User friendly and customised

Supported is available in 15 language versions and ideally suited for Spraying Systems’ pan-European HelpDesk.¬†The FastViewer solution is also used for file sharing.¬†Users from all around Europe now consider the solution an everyday tool.¬†“The FastViewer employees incorporated our logo in the windows and helped us with graphical support,” says Mr. Redepenning.¬†The familiar look makes it even easier and more comfortable for users to work with Supported.¬†“We are 100 percent satisfied with the FastViewer solution.¬†The application is stable and we feel we now have a happier user”, Mr Redepenning sums up. After all, satisfied employees are key to satisfied customers.

For more information, see: www.spray.de