Integrate our solutions in your products

With the help of XML-RPC and COM you can both optimize services on your own web site and upgrade your own applications. To find out what benefits the two interfaces offer, read on!

Integration in web services

Using the worldwide XML-RPC standard interface, you can easily create a link to your next meeting with just one click. XML-RPC is ideally suited for integrating FastViewer solutions in existing applications or portals, quickly and simply. Via XML-RPC you can not only create sessions, but end them too quite easily – even in various different applications. For example, a timer setting can end a session once the alloted time has expired. You are always in control!

Just imagine …

… you make software and want to offer your customers premium support services for a fee. For the sessions, you can integrate Instant Meeting in your portal. The users of your premium service can then connect with a support employee via a service hotline. Once the customer dials the number, they are offered the option of starting Instant Meeting. At the same time, a support employee receives a message that a customer needs support. The call is automatically forwarded to the employee. Once they answer the call, the session begins. Once on of the users ends the call, Instant Meeting also closes automatically. The Instant Meeting support session starts automatically and goes on for as long as the telephone call.

Integration in local applications

The COM interface is like a remote control for your individual solution. Use it to control FastViewer comfortably and directly from your application. In your communications canal, you can start sessions based on automated principles and manage processes. Status queries for sessions and evaluations are also quite easy to do. With the COM interface, you integrate desktop sharing seamlessly in your software! The FastCOM interface also lets you upgrade existing solutions for local applications.

Benefits of COM integration:

  • Easy interconnection for members in a buddy list
  • Help for support functions in your own software

Integration is uncomplicated and quick! Start your online meeting directly with established standards-based technology. With COM technology, you can bring together participants without having to enter a session number beforehand.