windata GmbH & Co. KG

Banking Specialist windata chooses FastViewer

The banking specialist from AllgÀu, windata GmbH & Co. KG now offers its banking and savings banks customers FastViewer as a secure and reliable remote maintenance solution.

NĂŒrnberg/Kisslegg – The AllgĂ€u-based software house windata GmbH & Co.KG is one of the leading providers of banking solutions for companies, self-employed persons, freelancers and local authorities. More than 300 banks and savings banks offer their customers windata professional electronic banking software or rely on software products by windata GmbH & Co. KG for their own operations. windata has integrated desktop sharing and remote maintenance solutions in its own software for years and has considerably improved technical support for customers and sales partners.

The requirements of our customers in the credit and finance industry, who offer or recommend windata programs to their customers for daily processing of their business transactions, have risen considerably as far as the security and stability of remote maintenance solutions is concerned.

Our customers place particular importance on data privacy and data security requirements. Our previous partners for desktop sharing and remote maintenance were no longer able to meet these requirements sufficiently. We therefore decided to immediately start offering our customers FastViewer software. With its headquarters in Neumarkt in Bavaria, FastViewer can ensure German and European standards of data privacy and data security for ourselves and our customers. With certificates from BISG quality assurance and TÜV SĂŒd and approval of FIDUCIA AG for use of FastViewer in banking workplaces, windata GmbH & Co. KG can now offer its customers the security and reliability they need.

– Michael Rudhart, CEO windata GmbH & Co.KG.