Can my support solve
this issue here?

With FastViewer you’re always there for your customer, even when you aren’t actually there.

Remote maintenance with Secure Advisor

Your solution for remote maintenance

Have you ever been there? You’re trying to solve a customer’s problem by remote diagnosis, but it really isn’t that simple over the telephone. Imagine if you could see what your opposite is trying to describe. Secure Advisor lets you do just that! Via remote access you not only have access to the PC, you can also solve the issue by remote controlling the computer. This is what we call next generation remote maintenance!

Your bonus for customer support

Vice versa is also possible. Remote support lets you change the viewing direction, so you can show customers your screen. You can show your opposite quite clearly how to place an online order or how your newest product works. This remote maintenance function makes Secure Advisor the ideal solution for customer hotlines!

Benefits of remote maintenance with Secure Advisor

  • Quick help: Secure Advisor can be used immediately – no installation necessary
  • Can be used on the go and at any workstation
  • Data ideally secured thanks to 256-bit AES encryption

The most important functions at a glance

  • Remote control for PCs and live support in one tool
  • Quick and easy file exchange
  • Select application – protect confidential information with one click
  • Viewing direction change included
  • Comprehensive privilege management
  • Portmapper lets you access devices or control machines – regardless of the system!
  • Practical protocol and session recording functions
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Own server solution available

How it works

Online support with Secure Advisor is quite easy. All you need to do is send your customer an e-mail with an invitation link. When they click on it and the computer is ready to access, you can start with the remote maintenance. If you want, you can also access files and programs – all without any administrative obstacles. You don’t need to bother with getting around firewalls or entering IP addresses. Why not get started right away with our remote maintenance solution Secure Advisor – your customers will love your support!