Trial version

Which is the perfect FastViewer solution for me?
Depending on the use case, we offer two different FastViewer solutions. Our Instant Meeting is the perfect solution for online meetings, webinars, trainings and presentations for up to 100 people. More information - test it now - Brochure For online support, spontaneous help or remote maintenance of unmanned computers or servers, our Secure Advisor is the all-in-one solution. More information - test it now - Brochure In order to facilitate the search for the perfect solution for your requirements, we have created a product finder. Just answer a few questions about your needs and we will find the right FastViewer solution for you. Start product finder
What are the differences between the trial version and full version?
None. You can use the trial version during the testing period in full with all features. Likewise, with the trial version you already have access to your personal customer portal, in which you can adapt the solution to your requirements. If our solution was convincing during the test phase, we convert it into a full version on request. Your already made settings will be preserved.
How can I get a FastViewer trial version?
On our homepage you will find an area on the right side of every page or right here where you can request your personal test version. You will receive an email with the login data to your customer portal immediately after entering the required data. Try it out now. The trial version is valid for 30 days from the first start and ends automatically. You do not have to give notice. If the 30 days are not enough, we extend the test period on request.
Is it possible to turn a test license into a full version license when I buy the software?
Sure, at any time of the trial period, the trial version, including all your existing adjustments, can be easily converted into a full version.

General info

What data size do the master and participant module files have?
The executable files are very small. The modules can also be sent by e-mail, saved to a USB stick or downloaded from the customer portal at short notice.
Can I start the master module from a USB stick or an external hard drive?
Yes, the FastViewer modules are not workstation-bound and can be started from any PC, stick or directly out of the customer portal - and at no extra cost. With the FastViewer apps, you can also spontaneously start or join sessions from your mobile device.
Bandwidth: what internet connection speed do I need for FastViewer?
Theoretically, you can hold a session with a connection speed of 28.8 Kbit/s. For performance reasons, however, we recommend at least a DSL 2000 (2000 Kbit/s) connection.
Language versions: what languages do Instant Meeting and Secure Advisor support?
Our solutions support the following languages in addition to German: English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Brazilian, Dutch, Portuguese and Turkish. The modules automatically adapt to the language of the operating system.
What requirements are placed on the meeting partner?
Your meeting partner has two options: he or she can participate via the so-called Client module or via the Web client. The Client module is a small application that is available for free for Windows and Mac. The participant receives the download link with the invitation mail or via our website. Alternatively, our platform-independent Web client can also be used for presentations and conferences. However, this does not cover all the functions of the Client module. For more information, please refer to our technical data sheet. Accessing unattended PCs or devices requires client-side installation of the remote setup.
How many participants can I invite to an Instant Meeting?
Our meeting solution Instant Meeting allows connection with up to 100 participants. With the all-in-one support solution Secure Advisor, two additional participants can be invited to the session in addition to the moderator.
How many remote systems can I manage with Secure Advisor?
There are no limits to the number of manageable remote clients, the installed services for unattended access. The all-in-one support solution Secure Advisor already includes 100 remote clients. These can be extended by any number of additional clients. If required, individual remote clients can also be booked for the meeting solution Instant Meeting.
What is the current version number of FastViewer?
The current version of FastViewer is 3.20.0063 - released on 29th April 2021

Web meetings and video conferences

Can I plan sessions in advance?
With the conference planner of FastViewer, you can plan your meeting in advance and easily invite your participants by e-mail.
Can I e-mail invitations to participants?
Yes. Use the invitation feature in the moderator module. Just one click and you will receive a ready-made e-mail with a link to your online meeting. If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can plan your sessions directly via the FastViewer Outlook Plugin. This can be found in your customer portal.
How do I take part in an online meeting or support session?
You can join FastViewer sessions with any device, regardless of the operating system. Our web client opens in the browser. The only requirement: Your browser supports HTML and JavaScript. Alternatively, you can download the client module via our website or you get an invitation link from your moderator by e-mail.
Is an app available for iPhone and iPad?
With iFastViewer you can easily take part in FastViewer sessions using your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. That way, you can stay posted even when you're on the go.
How can I highlight specific areas on my monitor?
The FastViewer whiteboard is the perfect tool for optimising cooperation between session participants. In many offices, whiteboards are an indispensable way of visualising ideas and concepts. FastViewer now brings the whiteboard to all participants' desktops. And, of course, in true FastViewer speed and performance.

Settings and updates

Can I customize FastViewer to my needs?
Thanks to the customer portal, which is free of charge with every license, you have extensive configuration options for the modules. Adapt the look of FastViewer to the corporate design of your company, e.g. through your logo. Configure all functions or manage your profiles and much more.
How do I change the language?
FastViewer sets the language automatically to suit the operating system language.
Do I have to install something to use FastViewer?
The FastViewer solutions Instant Meeting and Secure Advisor can be used without prior installation. Remote maintenance of unattended servers or PCs requires the installation of a service (remote client) on the respective devices.


Is my data encrypted?
The topic of safety is our top priority. We protect your data with 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption. This means that not only your data package is encrypted, but also the communication tunnel. Access to your data by third parties is thus excluded. The Advanced Encryption Standard, AES for short, is the result of a three-year public call for tenders issued by the US National Standardization Authority (NIST), the National Institute of Standards, which introduced the so-called Rijndael encryption method as the Federal Information Processing Standard. We will gladly send you a detailed safety description by e-mail.
What happens with data that passes through your server systems?
The data is not recorded or processed in any way. As agreed with the partners, all data is encrypted using a 256-bit AES key to prevent reproducing data on servers. This technology can also be outsourced to your own server infrastructure.
Can you verify the solution is secure?
We are the first solution provider in the desktop sharing segment to receive TÜV Süd certification. In compliance with PPP 13011:2004 (data privacy), this certification confirms that our solution is fully secure.
In what format are the sessions recorded?
You can save the session recordings either as .exe files or as your own FastViewer format. The player is already included in the moderator module. These records are not manipulatable and therefore auditable. In addition, we provide a record converter in the customer portal for download. This allows converting the stored files to the format .mp4. For further details, please contact us.

Prices and licenses

How much does FastViewer cost?
We offer different billing models. You have the option to rent the FastViewer solutions or decide for the purchase or prepaid version. The purchase option comes with a mandatory software maintenance and service contract. This service is already included in the price for the rental and prepaid variants. Simply contact us for this by mail, chat or phone.
How much does telephone conferencing cost?
We currently offer dial-in numbers for landline rates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition, it is possible to activate an international conference call via the customer portal if required. For detailed information about the international conference call, please contact us by mail, chat or phone.
How many PCs can be supported with FastViewer?
Successively, you can access any number of PCs in Live Support. The number of PCs you can access at the same time depends on the scope of the license (number of rooms purchased).
How much extra do additional features cost?
All of the features listed in the individual editions are included in the price.
Is the license bound to a single workplace?
No, our solutions are not bound to a specific workstation or user. You can use it everywhere at any time.
How do you license access to remote computers?
With Secure Advisor you can provide support for any number of remote PCs with one client. Your license can be extended to include as many additional clients as you need. Per client, you can support any number of remote PCs in sequence; at any one time, however, only one remote PC.
How is FastViewer Secure Advisor licensed?
With Secure Advisor you can connect with one or a maximum of two other PCs. There are limits to the use frequency. If you want other employees to be able to connect at the same time, you need the right number of channels. You can rent Secure Advisor on a monthly basis or purchase it with a full or student license. You can also use it as Software as a Service, SaaS for short.
How is FastViewer Instant Meeting licensed?
With Instant Meeting you can hold meetings with up to 100 participants. If you wish to hold several meetings simultaneously in your company, you need the right number of parallel channels. Available on a monthly rental basis, as a one-time purchase or as SaaS.


Are there differences in the available modules?
FastViewer is available for Windows, Mac and browser-based via WebClient, as well as App for iOS and Android. There are differences in the available functions. A detailed functional overview of the modules can be found in our technical data sheet.
Is FastViewer fully Windows Vista/7 compatible?
In rare cases when using FastViewer with Windows Vista/7, it has happened that the servers were connected and image broadcasting would freeze when executing administrative tasks. The reason for this issue lies in the user account controls. There is, however, the option to launch FastViewer on Vista/7 with increased privileges.
Our customer is behind a firewall and their computer has no public IP address. Can FastViewer connect nevertheless?
If your customer can surf on the internet with their browser without restriction, FastViewer can connect to their computer. Since all communication uses the HTTP protocol (port 80), the firewall is no barrier for FastViewer.
Does FastViewer also work with proxy servers?
In general, the same applies to proxy servers as to firewalls. If a participant can surf without restriction, desktop sharing and remote support are no issue. FastViewer automatically detects the proxy settings in the browser.
What settings do I need to make if I have a proxy server?
FastViewer automatically reads the proxy settings from each browser defined as a standard browser.
Can FastViewer connect ports on the opposite side?
When you use FastViewer connection technology you can connect all the TCP ports you need! With our Portmapper you can map as many ports on the opposite side to local ports as you like, e.g. for analysing remote SQL Server with local database tools, configuring telephone systems, programming SPS or mapping printer servers in remote networks.
Why does data pass through your servers?
In many cases, at least one of your session partners will be working from behind a firewall, making connections only possible with the help of so-called "tunneling". The FastViewer server, which can be reached from both sides without restrictions, provides the required tunnel functionality.
What are the benefits if we have an own server solution in our company?
An own server solution makes you independent, you can use FastViewer (if required) exclusively on your internal LAN and performance is also improved. Your own server solution and all of the related modules run independently of FastViewer communications servers.
What happens when one of your servers fails?
Our servers are located in high-security computing centres – with round-the-clock support. In the Interxion Center in Austria, the Nexellent Center in Switzerland, in the 1&1 Center in Germany and in the HostingSystems Center in England. This server infrastructure ensures almost 100% availability.
Which ports must be open when using an own server solution?
By using an own server solution, ports 80 and 443 must be open, otherwise the transmission of the screen of an IOS device can not take place. The app quits with the message: "Live transmission on FastViewer was stopped: The server does not support the screen transfer". It is also recommended to open the port 5000, so that a higher data throughput can be achieved.
Why does FastViewer partially use TCP port 5000?
As standard, a connection is established from TCP port 5000 to outside. Should this not be possible, we automatically use port 80 or the proxy server. If communication is possible via port 5000, we can avoid the HTTP overhead and offer you a quicker connection than with HTTP (port 80).

Service & support

Can I withdraw from the contract?
Yes, within 14 days.
What happens when I cancel my software support and maintenance contract?
By canceling the FastViewer software support and maintenance contract you pass on the latest versions of the FastViewer solutions. Upgrades and updates as well as the prefered support-hotline service are no longer available.
We have individual requirements that your products currently do not cover. Could you help us?
FastViewer is an own development by FastViewer GmbH. We have all the possibilities to meet your individual requirements. Together with you, we can analyse what you need and make you an offer.
When and where is your support available and how much does it cost?
You will receive direct support from the manufacturer. We are available Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. via +49 9181 509 56 28 or via mail at support@fatsviewer.com. Our fair offer: Software maintenance and support services, with all updates and upgrades are calculated in the acquisition model through an annual software maintenance and service contract (15% of the list price). This is already included in the rental and prepaid model.
Why do you recommend the software maintenance and support contract?
With our maintenance and support contract we guarantee the worldwide availability of the high secure FastViewer server infrastructur, the prefered support- and hotline-/information service and the deployment of the latest updates and upgrades.
How can I fill up the hourly license contingent?
Simply via your personal customer portal. Under the tab "My license" you will find the item "Extend license". Here you can either manually charge your quota or set an automatic charge.