• Stadtwerke TĂŒbingen GmbH relies on FastViewer

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    Stadtwerke TĂŒbingen GmbH relies on FastViewer

    The Stadtwerke TĂŒbingen uses FastViewer in all available configurations. This covers both permanent or spontaneous remote maintenance. In addition, they also use the presentation and conference modules.

    The conference module is particularly useful, since it allows us to respond to changing requirements fully and flexibly. All participants can interactively share their screen, so the “remote conference”, with the integrated conference call, is essentially as effective as regular conference. But without the usual travel costs!

    Another plus point is the competent support by FastViewer GmbH. We have never faced a challenge for which the FastViewer Support had not found a solution. You are really in good hands here. This creates a sense of security and confidence.

    Another crucial aspect is the security of any remote maintenance solution.
    One of the requirements of the Stadtwerke TĂŒbingen was that an externally hosted solution was out of the question for security reasons.
    The solution needed to be deployed on an internal server, since this would provide not only better protection of corporate information against unauthorized access, but also guarantee our independence from providers and their communication servers.
    With the own server solution, we have the option to host the entire online communication with our partners in our own system and to thus operate completely independently.

    With the integrated role concept, we can make specific modules available to individual users based on what they really need without granting more privileges than are absolutely necessary.

    Christian Walter, Netzwerk-/System Administrator – Stadtwerke TĂŒbingen