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FastViewer is your all-in-one solution for online meetings, presentations, webinars and online support.


Forget stuffy classrooms – why not hold your seminars, courses and advanced training lessons online? Webinars make longer talks more fun!

What is a webinar?

How about taking part in a course 500 kilometres away – over a cup of coffee at home? As opposed to traditional seminars in conference rooms, webinars are held online. In a virtual conference room you not only work together interactively, but you can also save yourself the best seats – wherever that may be. In the garden, relaxing on the couch or anywhere else. Share your knowledge with up to 100 other participants in a web presentation. We have also found an antidote against the background chatter that normally goes with seminars: your participants can ask questions anytime in web meetings or contribute to what is being said, all very silently in the chat window.

Good reasons why you should use webinars

The reasons for online training are clear. Long journeys, hotel stays and time-consuming organisational measures are no longer necessary. With the time you save, you can be even more productive – or simply relax a little more. FastViewer solutions also let you hold video conferences and web conferences. You can still save the time and expense for long journeys. Meet your customers and colleagues – via webcam – face to face. Online training where gestures and facial expressions can be seen is just more fun than anonymous telephone calls, don’t you think?

Which functionality is available?

You have all the tools to make your webinar a total success. For example, using the desktop sharing function, you can control what your participants can see. Show your own screen and mouse or go in front of the camera yourself. You can also let other participants speak – our solutions let you allot moderation rights individually. You could, for example, mute the entire auditorium except for the speaker. In the chat function, participants can request speaker’s rights. Or, have you prepared documents for your participants? Distribute these easily using Drag & Drop and the dropbox. You can choose from as many media and design options as you would in a normal talk. PowerPoint presentations are just as possible as working on a whiteboard together. If you work with several screens, you can control your presentation in the one monitor and your moderation in the other – fort he full overview. The participants are all connected by telephone. If you want, with VoIP. Each of the participants in a webinar has the best seats to follow your talk attentively. You will soon discover that the atmosphere in your webinar is not only more relaxed, it also increases productivity. After all, if somebody feels well, they work better! In a webinar you can also talk silently in the chat feature, meaning no question ever need go unanswered.

What training syllabus is best suited for webinars?

Because up to 100 people can take part in webinars, larger meetings, like online advanced training is also possible. Keep your employees up to date on your latest products by offering an e-learning seminar – without any cumbersome organisation. In principle, any training curriculum is possible, as long as you don’t need to smell, taste or touch the topic. For example, product training or advanced education for employees. We believe in future entire lectures will no longer be held in the lecture hall, but online. The future of learning is the webinar – download a free trial version of our solutions!