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FastViewer is your all-in-one solution for online meetings, presentations, webinars and online support.

Web Conferences

We think train delays and long car journeys are unneccessary and time-consuming. You probably do too! Why not just convene a web conference. You can connect with colleagues and customers within seconds – no matter where on Earth they may be now! With our Instant Meeting conferencing software you can work as efficiently and cost-effectively as never before with lots of people at the same time and exchange views.

What is a web conference?

The name says it all. A web conference takes place online. No matter where in the world the participants are, they all come together in the virtual conference room. And that without having spent so much as one minute on the motorway or in an airplane. All that you and your participants need for a web conference is a PC or a mobile device. You can connect quickly and easily with all participants on the internet. Professional communication was never this easy!

Why you should use web conferences

In the internet age, we self-evidently stay up to date online. We exchange ideas by e-mail – so why don’t we hold meetings online? Share your results in an online conference, exchange documents and collaborate on new projects. With the help of web conferencing, you don’t just save in unneccessary travel expenses, you also help protect the environment!

What scenarios are most suited for web conferencing?

Web conferencing is suitable for all types of business communication. You can convene online meetings at short notice in your company and get all your employees up to speed in an instant. Or show your monitor to customers and business partners with the desktop sharing function. The solution lets you communicate directly and clearly what you mean. Our solution is also ideally suited for holding webinars or video conferences.

How secure is an online conference?

The security and functionality of our software has been tested by various testing bodies. FastViewer solutions work with one the best encryption methods available (256-bit AES). Your online conference – including confidential data – is reliably protected against unauthorised access.

How many people can join?

With our web conferencing solution you can bring up to 100 people to the table. Surprise your participants with the benefits of our solution – your customers, business partners and employees will love it!