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Video Conferences

Are you ready for a new experience in professional collaboration? The video conference solution lets you meet people face to face – even if there are thousands of kilometres between you and your partners!

Why you should use video conferences

More time for the important things in life:

  • No more need for time-consuming and long-winded business trips to bridge greater distances
  • It only takes a few seconds to start an online meeting

More money:

  • No travel expenses
  • No hotel bills
  • No expensive conference room rental fees

»Real« meetings:

  • In video conferences, you can communicate with gestures, facial expressions and body language
  • Naturally, you cut CO2 emissions and protect the environment

How does a video conference work?

Step one: start the video conferencing software with a click of a mouse. Step two: send an e-mail invition to the web conference participants from the application. Now you can get started! Share results and exchange views. You don’t need an extra telephone connection; the entire online conference can also be held using VoIP.

How many participants can join?

Up to 100 people* can meet in a video conference’s interactive meeting room. Wherever the individual participants are, everyone has the best view of what’s going on!

Typical scenarios for video conferences

Video conferences are done when you need to get in personal contact with your opposite. Because long distances sometiems separate partners, it isn’t always easy to meet customers or employees quickly for a short talk. In a video conference, you can send your opposite a smile without having to take a longer journey upon yourself! Whether you need to hold a team meeting, sales talk, negotiate a contract or at a job interview – video conferences just get you much closer. And if you need to present something to a larger group, our solution is ideal for webinars. The screen sharing function lets you show individual participants your monitor – to work together closely and personally, you no longer need to be sitting next to each other!

What are the technical requirements?

For a video conference you need no more than a PC or an Apple Macintosh with a camera. No installation is necessary. Our mobile apps for iOS and Android also support video conferences. Take our free 30-day trial and see how you and your employees can increase their productivity and are also more relaxed when working together using our solution!

* Up to eight people can transmit their video image at the same time.