Tamper-proof or editable session recordings – You have the choice!

Recording of online meetings or remote maintenance sessions is often necessary or even required for safety reasons. With the audit-proof recording, which we have been offering for many years, your session videos are always tamper-proof.

In addition to the release of the new FastViewer version, we are also offering a new tool, the FastViewer Record Converter. It allows you now to convert your session records. Create video files in a standard format, without losing the tamper-proof recording.

You are thus able to cut and customize your videos individually afterwards and present them to your customers and partners, e.g. via your website or the common video-channels. Create training materials or learning videos, expand your portfolio with individual product videos and much more. There are no limits to your ideas thanks to the Record Converters.

Download the FastViewer Record Converter easily via your personal customer portal and make your own video presentations from your session recordings!