New FastViewer version released!

Many new and comprehensive features and functions are waiting for you in the new FastViewer Version (3.20.0050) – convince yourself!

  • Enlarge the transferred videos now up to the full screen size for even clearer video conferences.
  • Provide your participants PIN and the telephone number for your current telephone conference simply by clicking a link in the invitation mail, without even participating in the web session.
  • Remote Client for Mac: With the new version, you can now also access Apple Mac computers, remotely. This is now seamlessly integrated into the existing computer management.
  • International 2-way-SMS-authentication: The additional protection function and authentication of the computer management through SMS is now available for international mobile numbers.
  • New exclusive tool: The FastViewer Record Converter
    With the Record Converter, you now have the possibility to convert your recorded tamperproof FastViewer sessions – including desktop sharing, audio and video – into an editable file format, to subsequently cut and customize them.
  • And many more

The new FastViewer version for Windows and Mac is now available for download in your customer portal.