• Trust in the first place

    AmbulApps GmbH

    Trust in the first place

    »AmbulApps GmbH provides medical surgeries with modern mobile software and an exceptional service that is deeply rooted in this branch.

    The focus is on the fact that you can rely on the actors, especially in dealing with the sensitive data of the health care system. This applies to the self-developed software of the company as well as to any external applications. Encryption and a secure transmission path within the German jurisdiction provide a substantial boost in trust and lead to the decision to use FastViewer in service and support.

    This decision has proved to be very practical for the AmbulApps in terms of configurability and ease of use, both on the customer side as well as on the service staff.
    All important industry-specific features are provided by FastViewer, which means that it is used in its entirety for existing clients in surgeries and clinical areas.«

    Lars Schmidt, Managing Director AmbulApps GmbH