• New customers thanks to FastViewer

    Jagdschule Sageder

    New customers thanks to FastViewer

    After more than 20 years of experience in adult education, including as Managing Director of a consulting company with several training centers, I finally fulfilled my dream of founding my hunting school to pass on my enthusiasm for hunting to others and to share my knowledge with them.

    In order to survive as a new hunting school in the market, it was necessary to occupy niches. So I pursued the idea of offering an online hunting course. With this type of e-learning, the course offering has to take the changing requirements of those interested in hunting into account.

    The participants view the presentations on the screen and can see and hear the speakers. Demonstration objects, books, etc., can be shown with a visualizer and immediately saved by the attendees via screenshots.
    The attendees can, of course, also participate actively in the class and ask questions or refer to specific course content with the arrow pointer. In other words, a normal course can be conducted, the only difference being that the hunting students can now attend the theory lessons from home. The practical part of the training and shooting lessons occur on-site at the hunting school.

    While looking for suitable webinar solutions, I discovered FastViewer on the Internet. Following my initial telephone request, I received a personal call by a competent lady from Sales who could answer my questions as a “non-techie” in clearly understandable terms and who shortly thereafter demonstrated the webinar platform live and online. The ease of use of the user interface and the free trial period convinced me. For questions, I could contact the sales and engineering teams at any time.

    A further criterion for my decision was the ability to initially begin with a prepaid solution in case the online hunting course would not be accepted in the market. I fortunately did not need to use this option and now use the rental version of FastViewer.

    The TÜV-certified solution, incidentally, also helped convince some of the more skeptical webinar participants.
    Consequently, nothing stood in the way of a successful deployment for seminars.
    The training certificates via the webinar classes are recognized by the State Examination Authority.

    We are pleased to have found a new way of teaching with FastViewer that points to a promising future.

    The advantages are obvious:

    – Minimized travel time and travel expenses for all participants
    – Active environmental protection (lower CO2 emissions)
    – Intelligent networking of all seminar participants
    – Data security in the exchange of information (with 256-bit AES encryption)
    – Optimal cooperation despite geographical distance
    – The participants determine the duration of the course themselves through the ability to book the seminar modules individually.

    To simplify processing, an online shop for booking seminars was created. You can also find the appropriate teaching materials there.
    With this system, hunting enthusiasts can tackle the issue of training for a hunting license easily and effortlessly.

    Paul Sageder, Owner of Jagdschule Sageder